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Welcome To Nancy's Picks
I am a CONSERVATIVE and a CHRISTIAN and spend a lot of time researching the CALIFORNIA ballot. Because of this, I'm often asked my BALLOT RECOMMENDATIONS and started, many elections ago, to record my choices, which led to this site in 2004. The criteria I use in making selections are described in the following paragraph. IF YOU AGREE WITH MY CRITERIA, YOU WILL PROBABLY LIKE MY CHOICES.

The following ballot choices are the BEST, in my opinion:  To uphold strong family values  To oppose the senseless killing of innocent pre-born children  To oppose granting special minority status based on sexual orientation  To provide parents with educational choice  To protect our National Security and secure our borders  To protect community standards of decency  To reduce the size of government and control government spending  To perform the job successfully based on good character qualities and office qualifications.

The selections are made from personal knowledge, interviews, research, various voter guides, voting records, candidate statements, testimonies of reliable secondary sources, and various news media.

THIS SITE WILL BE AVAILABLE AT EVERY ELECTION (Lord willing!) I will post “as I go” and should be complete AT LEAST 2, but usually, 3 or 4 weeks before an election. However, I do updates, and add details/comments right up to an election. My goal is to recommend for ALL OF ORANGE CO.

My NancysPicks are printable and, I may add appropriate NEWS POSTS of information that I have found. If you wish to comment on any of my NEWS POSTS, please REGISTER by clicking on "Create New Account" to the left.

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MARCH 12, 2019 is a SPECIAL ELECTION for CA ORANGE CO 3rd Supervisory Dist (to replace Todd Spitzer, our new DA).

I strongly recommend DON WAGNER, a consistent conservative and current IRVINE MAYOR. Don was elected to CA State Assembly ...
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